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What Does Your Budget Say?

Creating and managing a budget might be one of my most favorite business activities as an owner. The boxes and lines, control and excitement, strategy and repeated actions allows my mind to “zen out”. It must be an entrepreneurs “meditation”. But it doesn’t end after building it. Taking this same system and implementing it via […]

The Story Behind The Numbers

Dating back to the beginning of time, stories are as old as life itself. In terms of spreading messages, passing down content and data and sharing life’s past with the next generation, storytelling is the first form of communication system we can find. Cave drawings, the earliest stories, are not even in words, but in […]

What are you really paying?

When is the last time you worked on your business and not just in it? Worked on your expenses, not just begrudgingly paid them? We know, this is almost the oldest of oldest clichés; work on it, not in it. But, it has foundation, roots, grounding. It has a salt of the earth kinda’ feel. The […]


As I began to ask my new client about her money and financial systems, she began to become unnerved. I asked her about her budget, the financial system that should be supporting her; to which she quickly darted around that one wasn’t needed in her industry. As I began to list the financial reports we […]