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Choose Your Hat, Play Your Game

Guest Author: Judith Lerner In last month’s newsletter we laid out definitions to get you thinking about and understanding the value of the Entrepreneurial, Managerial and Technician aspects within you. Recognizing those aspects or mindsets, in yourself, and developing your ability to distinguish one from the other, takes a willingness to bring a sharp clear […]

Finding Your Balance

In a business that is constantly pulling you this way and that, it is hard to remember who to be and when. Today the word “entrepreneur” is used to describe anybody and everybody starting a business or launching a website or going to work for them self. Most people believe the secret to starting a […]

5 “Strategic” Ways to Sell Your Company

Did you see the news that Facebook has recently acquired Internet messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion? It represents the largest-ever acquisition of an Internet company in history. WhatsApp is a pearl for sure. The messaging service allows users to avoid text-messaging charges by moving texts across the Internet instead of the mobile phone carrier networks. This […]

Q1: How is business?

It has been such a joy and comfort to be asked time and time again, “How is business?” The interest and care has been overwhelming, to the point I can’t even keep up with the responses. I am thrilled that I have so much of your attention, whoever “you” is! Time management has taken on a whole […]