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Build a Brand, Not a Business

I will break it to you gently. Simply building a business is a thing of the past. Focusing on activities, vendors, locations, marketing, hiring, firing, promotions, and the myriad of tasks related to operating will get you so far from where you want to be you might as well end up on Mars. Don’t get me […]


#suckitsven was something you would expect to hear in one of those Ted talks. Witty, organic, and unscripted, it resulted in one of the finest examples of marketing ingenuity I have seen in years. I couldn’t have thought of it on my own, yet when I pick it apart it has all the foundational marketing […]

“It is MY fault?”

“How is it my fault that you can’t get it right?” I mentally ask the order taker at my favorite taco shop. It is Thursday takeout night. After a long week of school, work, night feedings, cleaning, bathing, laughing, crying, dog walking and sleeping, I allow someone else to cook for me. “One taco salad […]

5 “Strategic” Ways to Sell Your Company

Did you see the news that Facebook has recently acquired Internet messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion? It represents the largest-ever acquisition of an Internet company in history. WhatsApp is a pearl for sure. The messaging service allows users to avoid text-messaging charges by moving texts across the Internet instead of the mobile phone carrier networks. This […]