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Are you an Entrepreneur, Manager or Technician?


In a business that is constantly pulling you this way and that, it is hard to remember who to be and when. Today the word “entrepreneur” is used to describe anybody and everybody starting a business or launching a website or  going to work for them. Most people believe the secret to starting a successful business is understanding the technical work or knowing how to deliver the service at an expert level. They believe because they understand the technical work of the business they could build a business that does that work.  This is what we call “the fatal assumption” and it contributes to the large failure rate among most first-time business owners.

Most people don’t know what they don’t know.  To build and grow a profitable and sustainable company, you need to understand the fundamentals of business development and who you need to be, when. Knowing where your focus resides as leader can be helpful in discovering how  your Synergy Coach can guide you through the EMyth programs. Take the assessment to discover your primary business role.





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